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Crystals Earrings

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Crystals Earrings


Crystals Earrings

Swarovki Crystal Jet Colour, Medium Size



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US $ 4.95


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Crystals Earrings, Crystal Fashion Jewelry

Wholesale accessories from SE Asia. We sell Crystal Fashion Jewelry Worldwide. Bangkok's leading distributor of Fashion Jewelry and Accessories. Please feel free to contact us for all your Fashion Jewelry needs. Crystal Necklaces and Bracelets.

Design Incorporation

Our Jewelry Products are made using Crystals from the Swarovski ® Company and Preciosa. Using only crystals from Swarovski ® and Preciosa we manufacture/re-sell/wholesale our designs embellished with elements of the Swarovski ® Company.

Crystals incorporated are from Swarovski.

Crystals Earrings

Crystal Fashion Jewelry Wholesale Bangkok Thailand China and Korea.